Revamping That Old Kitchen Dresser

Repurposing furniture can become habit-forming. You look at an old rocker, and see a porch planter. Or, you see a wooden ladder, and see a pot-rack for the kitchen. Sometimes, it’s kind of hard to break free from the stereotypical use of a furniture item, but when you finally break through, it can be quite liberating! A perfect example may be a dresser you have in storage. Maybe you inherited it, or it is left over from your days as a single college student. Maybe you found it at a yard sale. Here are some ideas for that old dresser you may have found at a yard sale.

Sink Counter

One of the most fetching designs in today’s decorator portfolios is the use of an old dresser for a sink counter. Any bathroom in which you may have a cabinet with a sink inset can usually be adapted to a dresser, instead. Just imagine a small dresser in that space – a lovely, often antique piece of furniture, rather than a mass-produced piece of fiberboard cabinet. The hole for the sink is cut in the top, just as with a cabinet. A clever carpenter can cut the drawer beneath so that it fits around the piping, and is still useful. In this case, the top drawer may be removed and the face of the drawer permanently attached. This is a beautiful way to incorporate a bit of furniture into a space that often has no room for furniture, and gives you attractive storage in your bathroom.


An heirloom dresser does not have to spend its entire life holding t-shirts and socks in the bedroom. Show it off in the dining room! An attractive kitchen dresser is a perfect place to stage your dinner presentation, and offers drawers, as well, for storage of table linens and accessories. When not in use for dining, it provides a perfect accent piece to display a flower arrangement or candlestick collection.

Kitchen Island

If you have a small kitchen, you may find that a dresser is the perfect solution for your need for an island. It gives you an extra preparation area, or can, once again, be used for staging between the kitchen and dining room. A skilled carpenter can covert the drawers into sectioned areas that will hold lids to your pots and pans or cookie sheets. Attach a towel rack, and you have a place to drape your kitchen towels.

Toy Chest

One of the first parts of a dresser to break down is the drawer. The front may pull off, or the drawer simply comes apart at the corners. If you find a dresser in this condition, don’t write it off. A handyman can install shelves where the bottom of the drawers would go. From there, you can slide attractive baskets into the void, and viola! You have a toy chest!

Who would have ever thought that a dresser offers so many possibilities? Give it a try, and you may find a new use for old furniture.


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