Great Places To Walk In Somerset

If you’re taking a trip to Somerset, expect to see the nicest and most historic places around England. Somerset is a fantastic county and if you haven’t thought about going there, now is you’re chance. I’ve really got into the mood for walking recently. After taking a trip to Yeotown in North Devon and hitting that beautiful countryside, it’s inspired me to walk in my home county of Somerset!


Barrington Court

Barrington Court 1

If you’re looking for lovely places to walk, then Barrington Court is the place to go. In this beautiful location you can stroll through the gardens designed by Gertrude Jekyll. There’s a beautiful orchard and a stunning kitchen garden that is used frequently. Barrington Court is a Tudor manor that has been fully restored you can tour the outsides and the insides if your interested in a bit of history.

Hestercombe Gardens


If you liked the grounds at Barrington ourt you will definitely enjoy the Hestercombe Gardens. These gardens are the genius of Coplestone Warre Bampfylde, who created the Georgian portion of the gardens. The actual garden takes up 50 marvelous acres of peaceful woodland terraces, paths, lakes with cascading falls, temples, and pergolas. If you’re looking for a good walk with lots of different sights and sounds then this is definitely the place for you!

Exmoore National Park

Exmoor National Park is a stunningly peaceful retreat, it has some of the most beautiful and famous costal scenery. Along the way you can see some of the famous Exmoor Ponies and all the beautiful sights that Exmoore has to offer. A really nice place to take a picnic if you’re interested in taking you’re lunch out and about.

Tarr Steps

The Tarr Steps is an interesting bridge located in a beautiful reserve. The reserve is covered with forests and is a beautiful sight to see. In the springtime you can see the whole place covered in bluebells!

Tintinhull Gardens


The last of the walks is this lovely 17th century manor and it’s new garden. Mrs. Phyllis Reiss designed the gardens, and the beautiful orchard. The Gardens are separated by large stone walls and hedges, and outlined with well groomed borders of plants, all themed and look really well.

Other Places Worth Mentioning

Sheppy’s Cider Farm

If you’re tired from all the walking then what better than to have a nice cold Cider at Sheppy’s Cider Farm. This farm and garden area are a great getaway for the afternoon after you’ve had your walk. You will be able to admire the views of the countryside and watch the English Longhorn cattle. If you still want to carry on exploring you can have a little tour of the cider works and even taste the various ciders that have. Watch out that you don’t drink too much, you don’t want to drink and drive!

Bishops Palace

The Bishop’s palace is a Medieval structure surrounded by fortified walls, gardens, and a moat, this place is amazing if you haven’t seen anything like this before. You can really admire the grounds on your own time, and wonder around learning about the history of the Palace.

Somerset has a whole host of things to offer and I haven’t even mentioned them all, Take a trip and find the wonderful history of Somerset.


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