Modern Furniture Vs Classic Decore

Bit of a different post this week, It’s more design orientated but I think still and interesting subject. I think there will be a few people on both sides of the argument. When I grew up, home décor was reserved for wealthy people who could afford an interior decorator. The rest of us just chose from the available colors in fabrics and upholstery at the local department stores. But, things have changed in the last few decades. Consumers have many more choices available to them, and much more education in how to make their choices. Here is a comparison of the Modern style and the Classic style, either of which you can incorporate into your own home.

Modern Style

The modern style is actually not so modern. It’s been around for decades. It’s the minimalist look that involves clean, glossy surfaces and sleek design. If you’re thinking “chrome and glass”, you’re not far off. However, the modern design goes much further than that, and can actually be quite adaptable to family life.

Characteristics of the modern style are based on the old phrase “form follow function”. This means that the design of the chair you select will reflect the fact that it is used for sitting – not as a step-stool, for instance. It may have a sloped seat that encourages you to sit back in the chair, rather than on the front edge. Unnecessary details will be eliminated. For example, a Queen Anne chair has “wings” on it that have a bit of curvature for architectural interest. Since this curvature is unnecessary, the curve will be left off.

Another characteristic of modern styled furniture is that the structure is often exposed – the legs, arms, and back support structures in chairs and sofas will often be exposed, giving the furniture an appearance of levitating about two feet off of the ground. In addition, fabrics are seldom done in print, and print usually clutters the space. Prints will be reserved for accent pillows, if the pillows are allowed, and any print will usually be a geometrical shape rather than a representative of nature.

Classic or Rustic Design

Now, Classic and Rustic are actually two different looks. Classic can be anything from Victorian to Neo-Classic Modern. Rustic elicits memories of the vacation cabin at the lake. However, the key component to life with either of these decorating styles is comfort.

Classic Dressers

Modern design, as discussed above, may look very interesting and appeal to many, but those same people may also admit that the furniture is not always the most comfortable. With classic and rustic décor, comfort is key. Furniture will be cushioned and welcoming, with fabrics that flex when you sit down. Even in Neo-Classic settings, there are objets d’art to draw attention of people in the room. In less formal settings, there will be mementos, souvenirs, and photos that bring a personal warmth to the room. Most usually, the classic design is meant for retreat and relaxation, with an eye to creating an aura of welcome. In the rustic design, people don’t think twice about propping their feet on the coffee table.

Either way, home is home, whether you like the clean, hard lines of the modern style, or the welcoming comfort of the classic home.



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