Staying In A Work Of Art

Some artists consider the world to be their canvas. But, how about being IN a canvas? Some performers participate in a living canvas by allowing themselves to be painted to blend in with scenery, presenting a 3D representation of the work of art. Staying in a work of art, though, is entirely different. This opportunity is provided by one of the newest forms of camping, called “glamping”, and it puts you in a whole new world.


The concept itself is quite original, and definitely requires a creative touch to bring it off. Glamping provides an opportunity for a person, or group of people, to go camping without the discomfort and the bugs.

This camping takes place in a tent, but, what a tent! These bell tents have a solid floor, electricity, plumbing, and even catering. For people who want to get close to nature without sacrificing comfort, these tents are a work of art.


Think of how much fun it would be to attend the Glastonbury Festival and stay in your own private accommodations decorated to match the festival! You can sleep in a bed instead of a bed-roll, enjoy a luxury shower rather than a “spit-bath”, and even have access to a makeup parlour and restaurant. Often called a “pop-up hotel”, this clever take on camping out is catching on all over the UK and Europe.


This is a totally different experience for the person on holiday. Created by a company that has over 15 years’ experience in the development of luxury properties, glamping has turned the vacation industry on its ear. You get the fun and thrill of camping with all of the comforts you would receive at a fine hotel. But, the experience keeps you connected with your environment. You are part of the festival, not an attendee. No longer are you isolated from the atmosphere, art, music, and people that make any event desirable. You have the privacy you need and receive with a hotel accommodation, but you are still a part of the vital heartbeat of your surroundings.


Just as you may carry your easel and paint kit to a new location, you can take your pop-up hotel with you, as well. Are you just dying to record that bucolic scene you’ve admired for years? You can live within that very beauty with your pop-up hotel. Go glamping on the very field you wish to paint. The rolling hills and coastline beacon, and you can be on-site at every time of day. Record your favorite scene as illuminated by the full moon, or sunset. Is the rain pouring down? You can still paint, because you are sitting in the doorway of your glamorous, comfortable tent, with a heater at your feet as you paint the scene.

Glamping is a great way to not only have prolonged access to sights, sounds, and activities, it’s a great way to actually feel like a part of the art around you.


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