Turning Your Profession Into An Art

Do you ever wonder if the way you are living your life is all there is? It’s easy to get caught up in the hum-drum of daily life, going to work just to earn money to pay taxes. Most people consider those very lucky who make a living at what they love doing. But, the flip side of that is, perhaps you could love what you do for a living. It is more than just an attitude change, it is actually appreciating what you do and seeing it as a work of art. In today’s world we often find ourselves dealing with career changes that are pushed upon us. At one time, a person’s identity may be tied up in their job. Now people are learning to link their ob to their passions and broaden their scope. Rather than depending on moving up in someone else’s company, you can move around in your own area of expertise Here are some pointers for turning your profession into an art.

Your Skills Set


What is your skills set? An architectural draftsman I know was in an identity crisis, wondering if he was a failure for not going on to get his licensing. He didn’t know whether or not to just change careers. Then one day as he was flipping through a set of perfectly drawn plans – that he had done – he realized that this is what he loves doing. He has been much more content with his job, and his improved attitude has brought promotions and pay raises where he works.

Another man is an artist. That is, he is a real artist – one who paints canvases. He is quite successful, but as he was building his reputation in the art world, he needed a way to support his growing family. So he started a lawn maintenance business. 20 years later, he is a well-known artist, and he is also the owner/operator of a very successful lawn maintenance company. He discovered that his willingness to do the physical labor was a welcome relief from time spent in the studio. His services are much sought after, and his eye for design makes his a very successful landscaper. He has turned law maintenance into an art.



Another way to turn your profession into an art is through your own craftsmanship. A craftsman is one who cares about the small details, and knows his subject so well that he not only has mastered all the tools of his trade, he can make his own tools to serve customized purposes.

Craftsmanship in any field is rare, these days. To turn your lawn maintenance business into an art form, you have to care about the process and final result equally. People make a living doing sand sculptures on the beach, for cryin’ out loud! In the peak of sand sculpture competitions on TV, malls all over the world were hiring craftsmen to come in and build sculptures in their commons.

Whatever you do, do it well. You can turn it into an art, and find more satisfaction.

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